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Joe Donti is CEO and Founder of Solutions First Financial Group based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Joe and his wife Patty are a husband-and-wife financial duo. When anyone asks what Joe does for a living, his answer is simple, “I’m a financial junkie”! Joe’s father was a contractor, and Joe cut his teeth in that business from an early age. He loves building and constructing things. Joe’s once-thriving contracting company began in the early ’80s until the later ’90s when he accepted a former client’s challenge to enter the financial services sector. Joe enthusiastically agreed. Starting from scratch over twenty years ago in a new industry with his “blue-collar” roots, it wasn’t long for Joe to adopt his “constructing” mentality into the financial world. Joe and Patty have three children and four grandchildren. In their free time, they love camping, traveling, motorcycling, and most importantly, spending time with family.


Helping People Achieve Their Life Goals in Retirement and Beyond

Solutions First Financial Group

Solutions First Financial Group has an unwavering focus on pursuing excellence in everything they do. They help their clients develop a plan to achieve specific outcomes so they may use their life savings to make the impact and live the life in retirement that they so desire.

For some, financial independence may mean continuing to work in a job they love or maybe pursuing a passion through volunteering. For others, it could mean the freedom to spend their time with family or by traveling and exploring the world.

What lies at the foundation of all the relationships they develop is a solid strategy that helps influence the holistic recommendations throughout the long-term partnership. Solutions First Financial Group considers all the unique characteristics and the economic realities of life to develop a comprehensive solution for a prosperous financial future. They help their clients create comprehensive retirement plans that address key areas such as income solutions, investment solutions, tax strategy solutions, healthcare solutions, and legacy and estate planning solutions.

Life’s most important wealth management solutions occur at every step of the journey, not just at the beginning or the end. Wherever a client is in their life’s journey, the mission is to connect them to their ideal future.

Solutions First Financial Group

Leadership in the News

Joe Donti is known for his contributions to Kiplinger, where he writes articles about his financial experiences, and how his stories can impact others. Check out his latest article!

Solutions First Financial Group Presented With St. Jude’s Research Hospital Donor Badge

Solutions First Financial Group is proud to announce that they have recently received the St. Jude Research Hospital Donor Badge, a form of recognition that shows the firms dedication to support the efforts of the St. Jude organization and community.

March 14th, 2022|

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The appearances in Kiplinger were obtained through a PR program.

Educational Books


This new eBook Series was designed to help you stay up-to-date on how the retirement landscape is changing and things you can do NOW to help protect yourself in the future. This eBook series is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need about planning for the rest of your life. There are no second chances at retirement. Download the series today to learn about the potential strategies you can use to help you get things right the first time around.

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Joe Donti is available as an on-air financial contributor and commentator.

For media inquiries:

• Media Contact: Doni Langston
• Phone: (602) 753-4244
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